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Presentation of the contents of the new Higher Education in Catalonia at a Glance website

AQU Catalunya presented the Vice-rectors for Quality from Catalan universities with the contents of the new "Higher Education in Catalonia at a Glance" website. The website, which contains a series of indicators on higher education in Catalonia, was designed by the Department of Universities and Research and AQU. Using data from the UNEIX university information system, the website will assist the monitoring of recognised degree programmes and provide information on each individual programme to users.

At the same meeting, there was a discussion on setting up an annual timetable for programme ex-ante accreditation, modification and monitoring and the external site visits to HEIs. The annual timetable is to ensure that programmes being offered during the period of admissions' pre-registration (preinscripció) have undergone ex-ante accreditation and to arrange the sequence of draft evaluations so as to optimise the resources set aside for these processes by both the universities and the Agency.

Vicerectors de Qualitat

The meeting with the Vice-rectors for Quality was held on 20 October.

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