Agčncia per a la Qualitat del Sistema Universitari de Catalunya

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Meeting of the Committee of Vice-rectors in charge of Quality


A meeting of the committee of vice-rectors in charge of quality at Catalan universities was held at the AQU Catalunya headquarters on 8 July.

The director of AQU Catalunya, Martí Casadesús, opened the session with a report presenting the current and future activities of the Agency, with a focus on the drafting of the ENQA self-assessment report, the situation with programme validation and accreditation, the publication of the new EUC web portal, the preparations for the survey in 2017 of graduate employment outcomes and the student satisfaction survey, the assessment of temporary assistant professorial staff and the planning of various different events being organised by the Agency for the end of the year.

During the session, the new VSMA Framework (for validation, monitoring, modification and accreditation), harmonization of the review guides, the accreditation timetable for 2017 and the classification of study programmes according to fields of study and subject were all also dealt with.