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The first call for applications in 2013 for the issue of reports for tenure-track lecturers

The first call in 2013 for submitting applications for the issue of reports for tenure-track lecturers begins on February 25. Applicants who are interested can apply online through the Generalitat de Catalunya's on-line applications website (OVT). From now onwards, all calls for applications for AQU Catalunya teaching/teacher assessments will be dealt with through the on-line applications website.

Use of the on-line applications service will simplify the handling of applications, reduce the number of documents to be submitted by applicants and streamline the whole process.

Applications via the OVT will enable applicants to carry out all formalities on-line: the application form can be downloaded, filled out and returned online, with all supporting documentation attached. Payment of the corresponding fees can be made with either a credit card or paying-in slip.

Access to the OVT is direct and no user-name, password or digital certificate is required. It is however necessary to print out the acknowledgment of receipt for one's application, which must be signed and sent by post to AQU Catalunya. The platform can also be used to sign an application form with a digital certificate (all commonly used certificates are accepted by the OVT, including IDCAT certificate, electronic ID, a professional certificate signature, Camerfirma, etc.).

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