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Presentation of the methodology to be used by the universities for the accreditation of recognised degrees has now been completed

Approximately one thousand people, including vice-rectors, deans, directors of university schools and colleges, heads of department, coordinators and managers of recognised degree programmes, and heads and members of university quality units, attended the various information sessions and briefings given by AQU Catalunya on the forthcoming Guide to the accreditation of recognised Bachelor and Master's degrees.

The aim of the sessions, which were held at each of the twelve universities in Catalonia between May and July, was to present and discuss the contents of the Guide and receive feedback from those who will actually participate in the accreditation of recognised Bachelor and Master's degrees.

Most of the universities have by now sent their comments to AQU regarding the methodology for accreditation that was presented, and these will be taken into account prior to the final approval of the Guide that is planned for September. 

PDF PDF The accreditation of recognised Bachelor and Master's degrees [ca], Josep Anton Ferré, director of AQU Catalunya

PDF PDF Degree accreditation [ca] (informative pamphlet)

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