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In-depth studies on the higher education system in Catalonia

AQU Catalunya has published a series of studies carried out by research groups at Catalan universities which are the result of a competitive funding scheme run by the Agency in 2007 for research projects aimed at gaining a better understanding and diagnosis of the higher education system in Catalonia.

PDF L'abandonament dels estudiants a les universitats catalanes, (Student drop outs at Catalan universities), Joaquín Gairín Sallán, Pilar Figuera Gazo, Xavier Maria Triadó Ivern et al. (UAB-UB)
Aside from presenting the international panorama of the phenomenon of university student drop-outs and the theoretical models that seek to explain this, the study offers evidence that helps to answer questions such as: Does dropping out of a course mean dropping out of university? When do students drop out? What is the social and demographic profile of students who drop out? Which courses have the highest drop-out rates? Are there any differences according to the type of studies and the university?

PDF El rendiment acadèmic dels estudiants de primer any a la universitat, (The academic performance of first-year university students), Ferran Mañé Vernet, Daniel Miravet Arnau (URV)
To what degree does the social and family context and the quality of a student’s entrance qualifications affect his/her academic outcomes during their first year at university? Are there any differences in the academic performance of students at different universities? Is the fundamental factor for explaining differences in academic outcomes the type of studies? This study seeks to provide answers to all of these questions. 

PDF El rendiment acadèmic de l'alumnat de primer curs de Dret a la Universitat de Barcelona. Una anàlisi dels resultats i de les seves causes, (The academic performance of first-year Law students at the University of Barcelona), Max Turull Rubinat, Berta Roca Acedo (UB)
This study covers an in-depth analysis of degree programmes in Law, which are always well subscribed. The first part gives a general panorama of significant outcome indicators, such as the graduation, continuity and drop-out rates for the public universities in Catalonia as a whole and in relation to the student entry profile for each university. In the second part, attention is paid to the fact that a better understanding is required of the evidence provided by qualitative factors associated with the quality of the approach to the teaching and learning process from the point of view of the students, who are a leading player in this process.

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