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Stakeholders' proposal for a revised version of the ESG

European Higher Education Area

The proposal for a revised version of the ESG, published on 18 March, has been forwarded to the Bologna Follow up Group (BFUG), which oversees the Bologna Process in between Ministerial meetings.

As requested by Ministers, the organisations responsible for the proposal have sought to make the ESG clearer, particularly in terms of their structure and in order to avoid potential confusion with their interpretation. The proposal presented by the E4 Group (ENQA, ESU, EUA and EURASHE) in cooperation with Education International (EI), Business Europe and EQAR also makes a more explicit link to the learning and teaching process in the section on internal QA, and defines the relationship of QA with other Bologna Process developments that have taken place since 2005 (including those relating to Qualifications Frameworks and learning outcomes).

The proposal will be discussed at the next BFUG meeting in April. The expectation is that the proposal will be adopted at the latest at the next EHEA Ministerial Meeting that will take place in Armenia in 2015.

AQU Catalunya has contributed to this process with a proposal for the revision of the ESG.

PDF PDF Proposal for a revised version of the ESG by E4 Group (2014)

PDF PDF A proposal by AQU Catalunya for the revision of the ESG (2013)

Source: Official website of the ESG revision