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AQU Catalunya publishes the Annual Report for 2011

After reacquiring full jurisdiction over the quality assurance of degrees and awards in Catalonia, 2011 was the year in which AQU Catalunya began to implement the VSMA Framework for programme validation, monitoring, modification and accreditation, which will ensure the cyclical, continuous and integrated review of all recognised degree courses. Furthermore, and in compliance with the regulations, all quality assurance processes are now managed by the same QA agency.

The ANNUAL REPORT 2011, which was endorsed by the AQU Board of Management at the meeting held on 28 March 2012, is divided into six sections that deal with the main strategic areas in which the Agency is active: quality assurance of programmes of study, quality assurance of teaching staff, knowledge generation, internationalisation, strategic management and communication, and internal organisation. A summary of the main activities during 2011 is as follows:

  • Quality assurance of institutions and programmes of study: start of the validation, modification and monitoring of recognised programmes; restructuring of the Quality Assurance Commission; management of the AUDIT programme, and consolidation of the Agency's pool of reviewers.
  • Quality assurance of teaching: management of the assessment of academic staff prior to selection by the universities, and assessment of the merits of teaching staff in teaching, research and management.
  • Knowledge generation: carrying out of the fourth survey on graduate labour market outcomes, and the coming online of the webpage with indicators on degree programme delivery obtained from the UNEIX information system, in collaboration with the Secretariat for Universities and Research.
  • Internationalisation and institutional relations: activities and projects carried out with REACU (the Spanish body that brings together all of the university quality assurance agencies), the European Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (ENQA) and the European Consortium for Accreditation (ECA).
  • Strategic management and communication: coordination and collaboration with the Catalan universities and social partners.
  • Internal organisation: maintenance of accountability; review of the quality policy to include information security; upgrading of ICT; and the application of measures to curb and reduce expenditure and optimise the Agency's economic resources.

Since it was established fifteen years ago, AQU Catalunya's powers have evolved and they will continue to do so in order to adapt to the changing times. The Agency's spirit however remains firm to its commitment to the activities that it has developed and continues to develop in the search for the continuous improvement of quality in Catalan universities.

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