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Training in quality assurance at Moldavian universities

TEMPUS QUAEM Internal reviewers conduct observational site visits to other universities, accompanied by representatives from the jobs sector (labour market) and students; such visits enable them to experience the review process from an external point of view.

In September and October, representatives from state-run universities in the Republic of Moldova (vice-rectors and heads of technical units) have been participating in an experimental training programme in evaluation and quality assurance. The training also provides first-hand insights into the experiences and points of view of both internal and external reviewers; this is done through a real case in which the capability of each university to design and validate new study programmes is evaluated, in accordance with European standards.

This approach to training, designed by AQU Catalunya, forms part of the European project TEMPUS QUAEM (Development of Quality Assurance for Higher Education in Moldova), in which the University of Girona is a member of the QUAEM consortium.

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