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AQU Catalunya sets up the Student Commission

In line with the principles of the European Higher Education Area, whereby students are recognised as full members of the university community and their participation in the organisation and educational content of universities and the activities of other higher education institutions is provided for, the AQU Student Commission has been set up.

Made up of students to the higher education system in Catalonia, the work of this committee will be to widen and coordinate student participation in the Agency's review activities. The Commission's functions are as follows:

  • To advise on the setting up of projects by AQU Catalunya that have a direct impact on the student body.
  • To advise on the dissemination and publicising of information aimed at the student body and the publication of the results of evaluation projects, with special attention to the information published on the AQU website.
  • To provide elements, from the point of view of its own position, that instigate the appropriate definition by AQU Catalunya of criteria and methods aimed at the quality assurance and enhancement of higher education.
  • To participate in setting up courses on quality assurance aimed at students.
  • To participate, as a committee, in Spanish and international symposia and workshops on student involvement in the quality assurance of higher education.
  • To establish cooperation and collaboration with European student representation associations and bodies.
  • To participate in studies on aspects relating to student involvement in representation and quality assurance activities, as well as documents on good practices recognised at the international level.
  • ENQA
  • EQAR
  • ISO

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