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Publication of the quality handbook, Working after study at university, 2011. Graduate job quality

Treballar després de la universitat 2011AQU Catalunya has published Working after study at university, 2011. Graduate job quality, the third number in the "Quality Handbooks" series.

The results presented in this publication give a complete and detailed picture of the quality of employment outcomes of graduates from Catalan universities three years after completing their studies. The conditions of and difficulties in gaining access to the labour market, education-job match, salary and type of contract, and job and studies satisfaction are several of the indicators that show in great detail the situation of graduates at the start of their professional lives for each university degree programme.

The data were taken from the fourth graduate labour market outcomes survey carried out by AQU Catalunya in 2011 on the graduate population at Catalan universities. The sample was considerably larger in this most recent survey, with a total of 16,182 graduates, or 56.5% of the 28,616 who were awarded a degree in the 2006-2007 adademic year.

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