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AQU Catalunya participates in the conference Joint Programmes: Too many cooks in the kitchen?

Organised by the Consortium for Accreditation (ECA), the subject of the Joint Programmes: Too many cooks in the kitchen? conference is solutions for the accreditation, recognition and transparency of joint programmes. The conference is being held in Graz (Austria) on 10 and 11 June 2010 and is aimed at agencies, higher education institutions, students, recognition authorities and governments.

Joint programmes are confronted with national quality assurance and accreditation procedures in the different countries where they are given, one result of which is that the recognition of a joint programme in one country does not necessarily entail recognition in the other countries concerned. A methodology is to be presented at the conference in Graz for a single accreditation procedure of joint programmes so that the accreditation of a joint programme by one agency can then be accepted by other agencies.

AQU Catalunya, which has been a member of the ECA since December 2009, will be participating and sharing its experience in this event.

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