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The economic management of AQU Catalunya recognised by the EAPC

AQU Catalunya was given an honourable mention at the first EAPC's Alfons Ortuño Awards ceremony for budget management, evaluation and transparency.

The Alfons Ortuño Awards were established by the EAPC (Escola d'Administració Pública de Catalunya/Catalan School of Public Administration) as honourable recognition of innovative activities and good practices in public administration in Catalonia.

The awards ceremony was held at the auditorium at the EAPC on 11 March 2013, and as such brought to an end the School's centenary celebration.  

Premis Alfons Ortuño

The Director of AQU Catalunya, Josep Anton Ferré, received
the award in person. Photograph: EAPC, taken by Miquel Coll

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