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New system for submitting abbreviated CVs for the call for applications for merits in research (six-year research quality premiums)

AQU Catalunya has launched a call for applications from public service teaching and research staff at public universities, teaching and research staff at private universities and teaching and research staff at affiliated and partner schools and institutes for merits in research. Applications should be submitted between Monday 19 June and Friday 21 July.

A new development in this call for applications in the submission of abbreviated CVs.

In order to simplify formalities, the way of submitting an abbreviated CV has been modified. Instead of attaching a pdf file, an online form must now be filled out which enables an applicant's details to be loaded automatically via ORCID if they are available from the PRC web portal.

Following submission of an application to the Generalitat de Catalunya's on-line applications website (OVT), an email is sent to the email address provided by the applicant with a link to the online abbreviated CV form which will be identified with a reference number and the applicant's details. This email with the link will be sent within one hour of the application being submitted.

The link to the abbreviated CV form is valid for ten days.

Details uploaded by the applicant are saved automatically. Once the form has been completed, the abbreviated CV form has to be sent to AQU Catalunya by clicking on "Send" (at the end of the form). Confirmation that the file has been sent will contain a pdf version of the abbreviated CV form.