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Meta-evaluation of degree programme accreditation

Sessió de metaavaluació de l'acreditació

Around fifty participants, including programme coordinators, heads of quality units and quality offices, and members of external review panels, took part in the session on the meta-evaluation of recognised degree programme accreditation, organised by AQU Catalunya on 17 September. The objective was the improvement and enhancement of the various aspects that make up the evaluation.

The contents of the session, which were prepared on the basis of experience gained from the nine external site visits already carried out so far (Faculty of Biology/UB, Faculty of Pedagogy/UB, School of Archival Studies and Document Management/UAB, Faculty of Translation and Interpreting/UAB, Guttmann University Institute of Rehabilitation/UAB, Faculty of Education and Psychology/UdG, Faculty of Educational Sciences and Psychology/URV, Blanquerna Faculty of Psychology, Education and Sport Sciences/URL, Faculty of Education, Translation and Human Sciences/UVic-UCC), were organised as follows:

  • Contents of the accreditation manual
  • Drawing up of the self-assessment report and selection of the relevant evidence
  • The external site visit
  • Outcomes of the site visit: external review report (faculty/school) and accreditation report (degree)

A presentation was also made of the EACAT application software (an extranet used by public sector organisations in Catalonia) to be used by the universities to apply for programme accreditation.