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AQU Catalunya compares its structure and activity with other QA agencies to identify good practices

AQU Catalunya has initiated a comparative analysis of its structure, activity, impact and resources, etc. with other university quality assurance agencies in Spain. With the collaboration of other agencies such as ACSUG in Galicia and AGAE in Andalusia, which have both already accepted the invitation by AQU to participate in this project, the Catalan agency implements one of the actions set out in its Strategic Plan for 2009-2012.

According to the Plan, AQU Catalunya needs sufficiently contrasted information on the structures according to which quality assurance agencies are run. One of the ways to ensure that an agency’s organisation and structure are aimed at continuous enhancement is by carrying out a comparative study among various regional QA agencies with similar functions and of a similar size.

The development of jurisdiction over university quality assurance by the regional Autonomous Communities has led, among other measures, to the setting up of QA agencies for their respective higher education systems. There is currently very little available information on structure and internal organisation. The purpose of initiatives such as this one by AQU Catalunya is to acquire more useful instruments for identifying good practices associated with an agency’s structure, activity, resources, costs, etc.

One of the aims of the study is to benchmark good practices for similar agencies, completion of which is envisaged for the middle of 2010.

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