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AQU Catalunya participates in the first good practices workshop in ANECA's DOCENTIA programme

The First Workshop on Good Practices in the DOCENTIA Programme to be organised by ANECA will take place at the Faculty of Economics and Business Sciences, Autonomous Universidad of Madrid, on 26 February.

During the various sessions of the workshop, new developments in the DOCENTIA Programme that will subsequently be made available to the universities are to be presented. Subsequent to the start of the certification of the assessment models for teaching at university level in 2012, this workshop is aimed at academic managers involved in the assessment of university teaching, members on university assessment committees, university administrators, staff attached to quality units and QA agencies, teachers and members of the university community in general who are interested in this programme.

AQU Catalunya will present a summary of the results of the programme in Catalan universities and also go over the main challenges for the future.

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