AgŔncia per a la Qualitat del Sistema Universitari de Catalunya

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Meeting of the AQU Board

The AQU Catalunya Board of Management held its first meeting of 2015 on 27 April. At the session, the reports from the chairpersons of the Agency's main QA bodies (CAQ, CLiC and CAR) were submitted, as well as the results for 2014 of the external site visits for programme assessment.

The Board endorsed the Agency's Annual Report for 2014 (which is to be published shortly), the annual closure of accounts, the financial statement and the inventory for 2014. Approval was also given to the appointment as members of the CLiC Committee of Dr. Mary J. Nash, professor of Contemporary History at the University of Barcelona/UB; Dr. Rosa Aligué Alemany, professor of the University of Barcelona/UB's Faculty of Medicine; and Dr. Emili Grifell Tatjé, professor of the Faculty of Economics and Business Studies at the Autonomous University of Barcelona.