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Maria Lluïsa Hernanz is reappointed as chairwoman of the CLiC Committee

The Minister for Innovation, Universities and Enterprise has renewed the appointment, as of 29 June 2009, of Dr. Maria Lluïsa Hernanz Carbó as chairwoman of the AQU's CLiC Commission (which oversees collaborating [non-civil servant] and tenure-track academic staff).

Hernanz holds the chair in Spanish Philology at the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB). Appointed for four years in 2005 on the basis of her being a renowned academic, she has now been reappointed for a second term of office.

She specialised in Romance language philology and has been extensively involved in research projects with a focus on language. In addition to Catalan and Spanish, her research has also involved numerous studies into the common characteristics between the Romance languages, together with others on language learning. Her published work includes a dozen books published over the last fifteen years and numerous articles in journals.

The CLiC has powers over the issuance of reports for the recruitment of collaborating (non-civil servant) and tenure-track academic staff by Catalan universities and the setting of the general evaluation criteria for the issuance of these reports.

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