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Employers' perceptions of the employability and skills of recent graduates in Catalonia

Ocupabilitat i competŔncies dels graduats recents

This report provides information on the perceptions and needs of employers regarding the skills and education level of recent graduates. The perceptions of employers complement those of higher education graduates, which are detailed in the surveys on graduate employment outcomes that have been carried out on an on-going basis in Catalonia since 2003. Given its comparability with other European surveys such as Eurobarometer, the results of this survey in Catalonia can also be seen and contextualised in an international context. Given their particular characteristics, the health or education sectors were not included in this survey, and separate surveys were conducted for these sectors.

The report is available in Catalan, Spanish adn English:

Documento PDF Ocupabilitat i competències dels graduats recents: l'opinió d'empreses i institucions

Documento PDF Empleabilidad y competencias de los recién graduados: la opinión de empresas e instituciones

Documento PDF Employers' perceptions of the employability and skills of recent graduates in Catalonia

The Employer's Survey forms part of a broader project to seek out the viewpoint of employers in enterprises and institutions regarding the employability of the recent graduate population in Catalonia. L'Obra Social "la Caixa" cooperates in the project, together with the involvement of all Catalan universities and the Government of Catalonia/Generalitat de Catalunya (Ministry of Economy and Knowledge, Ministry of Business and Employment, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Public Service and the Ministry of Health).