Agčncia per a la Qualitat del Sistema Universitari de Catalunya

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AQU's Governing Board endorses the Annual Report and annual accounts for 2017

A meeting of AQU Catalunya's Governing Board was held on 12 April at the Open University of Catalonia (Universitat Oberta de Catalunya) to deal with the annual closing exercise and closure of accounts for 2017.

Also taking part in the session were:

  • The new rector of the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC), Dr. Francesc Torres, who took over from Dr. Enric Fossas;
  • The new rector of the University of Girona, Dr. Joaquim Salvi, who took over from Dr. Sergi Bonet;
  • The new rector of the Universitat Abad Oliba-CEU, Dr. Eva Perea Muñoz, who took over from Dr. Carlos Pérez del Valle;
  • Dr. Marc Tarrés, representing the General Workers Union (UGT), who took over from Dr. Joan Gabriel Bruguera Serra;
  • Pau Parals, student at the University of Girona and coordinator of CEUCAT, who joined the Standing Committee in December and who took over from Lluís Forcadell;
  • Jessica Marques, student at the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB) and sub-coordinator of University Policy at CEUCAT (Catalan Universities Student Council), and who took over from Patrícia Sofía Guzmán.


The Governing Board approved the Annual Report for 2017, which is to be published shortly, and the annual accounts for 2017.

The accounts for the 2017 financial year were closed with a budgetary balance. Income in 2017 came to €3,645,566.23 (€4,107,521.52 with retained earnings).

Tax year Current transfers, Government of Catalonia/Generalitat de Catalunya Capital transfers (investments) Retained earnings, from the previous year Taxes Other income TOTAL
2017 3.099.604,13€ 62.316,16€ 461.955,29€ 124.507,12€ 359.138,82€ 4.107.521,52€


Expenditure came to €3,892,308.15 and was distributed according to the Agency's strategic areas of action:

Strategic areas of priority 2017
Institutional Quality 23%
Quality of Teaching Staff and Teaching 14%
Knowledge Generation and Transfer 18%
Internationalisation 8%
Strategic management 7%
Internal Organisation 30%

In the meeting the Governing Board also endorsed modifications to the scheduled plans for the site visits planned for 2018 to institutions delivering recognised programmes; it appointed the new members of the Research Assessment Commission and the Institutional and Programme Review Commission. It also approved the setting up of a quality label for the institutional accreditation of faculties and schools.

For the documentation and agreements endorsed by the Governing Board in this session, click here.