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Call for applications to the 2009 AUDIT programme

The aim of the AUDIT programme is to assess the adequacy of internal quality assurance systems in higher education institutions (HEIs) prior to their introduction. Under the programme, subsequent developments in the systems, once they have been implemented, are monitored and certified.

One new aspect in this year's call is that a university can apply the university's general models that have already been accepted for use at the faculty level, for both general models evaluated in the 2007 call and new general models that have not yet been evaluated.

This 'portability' of the general models will imply a commitment by the rector's office concerning the model's versatility and adaptability in relation to a university's different faculties (colleges, departments and member institutes), and also by the internal body in charge of the adequacy of the general model to the actual situation within each faculty and its degree of acceptability; where the degree of acceptability is limited, each faculty must specify and develop the modified aspects in relation to the general model, which must then be submitted for evaluation.

Universities that intend to participate in the 2009 call must duly fill out and send the programme application form to AQU Catalunya before 31 January 2009. The subsequent signing of the agreement to the AUDIT programme by universities and HEIs will also include the timetable for its implementation.

Participating universities must submit documentation containing the internal quality assurance systems:

  • By 31 March 2009, if submitted in Catalan,
  • By 20 April 2009, if submitted in Spanish.

Within the framework of this call, the following documents are being revised: Guidelines for designing internal quality assurance systems for university education and Guide to evaluating the design of internal quality assurance systems for university education. It is envisaged that the new editions will be released in January 2009.

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  • EQAR
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