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New website of review reports on the higher education system in Catalonia

Resultats informes d'avaluació

All external review reports on programmes of study and institutions by AQU Catalunya are posted on the Agency's website; pre-2008 programme reports produced prior to adaptation to and compliance with EHEA guidelines can be found under "Universities/pre-EHEA reviews". In order to publish post-2008 reports, a specific software application has been design. Reports by AQU Catalunya on both programme reviews and institutional reviews (faculties, schools and universities) are all available on this new website. Access to reports on Bachelor, Master's and Doctorate degrees is by either entering the degree name, subject area or university, and for reports on faculties, schools and universities by entering the name or university. On selecting a degree, faculty, school or university, a page comes up with the basic information and the associated reports.

On the page with the programme information there is a description of the degree course, with its name, university and faculty or school where it is taught, the type of degree, the subject area (branch of study) to which it belongs, if it is an inter-university degree or not, the date of ex-ante assessment by the Spanish Universities Council (Consejo de Universidades), authorisation by the corresponding government department with jurisdiction over the universities, and its status. There are two external links in addition to this information:

  • The corresponding page of the Secretariat for Universities and Research website, Why study at the Catalan universities and what's on offer there? that gives academic and professional information about the degree, links of interest and a specific glossary to help users obtain a better understanding of the course. Click on the name of the course.
  • The Register of Higher Education Institutions and Degree Programmes (RUCT), where new Bachelor, Master's and Doctorate degrees are registered. Click on the RUCT code number.

The relevant information in the programme description is from the Directorate General for Universities and is regularly updated. There may be brief periods of time between website updates when degrees with their associated reports are still not registered on the Why study at the Catalan universities and what's on offer there? website.

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