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Report on the state of external quality assurance in Spanish universities, 2009

ICU 2009

Produced jointly by the twelve university quality assurance agencies in Spain, the report complies with the principle of transparency whereby agencies are accountable for their review programmes, as laid down by the European standards and guidelines.

The content of the report is divided into three parts. The first deals with the ex ante accreditation of Bachelor and Master degrees in compliance with the guidelines laid down in Royal Decree 1393/2007 concerning the regulation of recognised university degree programmes. It includes a review of doctorate degrees that deals with the recognition of excellence in the higher education system.

In the second part, information is given on the assessment and review of university teaching and research staff. Attention is drawn to the external quality assurance of university academic staff at two different moments in time: prior to the recruitment of academic staff (non-civil servant) by the universities, and prior to appointment to university teaching staff (civil servant). In both cases an assessment is made of the merits of teaching and research staff in teaching, research and management. In addition to this assessment of merits, the report also provides information on the assessment of teaching, research and management by university academic staff for the allocation of additional remuneration awarded by the regional authorities.

In the third part, the results are given of the evaluations made of the designs for internal quality assurance systems in higher education institutions and the systems for teaching assessment set up by the universities themselves.

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