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AQU's President participates in the ceremony to honour the students with the best grades in this year's university entrance examinations

140725_PAU Secretariat for Universities and Research

On 22 July, the Government of Catalonia (Generalitat de Catalunya) honoured the 326 students who obtained a grade of "Excellence" in the university entrance examinations held in June. The number of award winners this year is the highest number ever. The average grade of these students in the general part of the entrance exams was 9 or above and, for the first time, one student obtained a grade 10.

The 326 students received the awards at a ceremony held at the Auditori de Barcelona, in which Josep Joan Moreso, President of AQU Catalunya took part. These awards were established by the Generalitat de Catalunya in 2001 to reward students who obtain the top grades in the university entrance examinations. The eight (8) students with the highest grade received a special gift, in addition to the diploma certificate.

146 out of the 326 award-winning students are from public education institutions and 180 from subsidised and private institutions. Out of 326, 178 are boys and 148 girls, the majority from the province of Barcelona. The award-winning students come from 26 comarcas or local districts, and 67 institutions had more than one award-winner. Out of the top eight students (4 boys and 4 girls), with a 9.65 grade and above, five are from public education institutions and three from subsidised and private institutions.