AgŔncia per a la Qualitat del Sistema Universitari de Catalunya

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AQU endorses the conditions for the recognition of accreditation of international inter-university programmes

200518_European Approach

AQU Catalunya's Institutional and Programme Review Committee (CAIP) has endorsed the conditions according to which the review and quality assurance of an inter-university programme carried out by another EQAR-registered QA agency is recognised directly by AQU Catalunya.

This document, which has been drawn up in accordance with the European Approach for Quality Assurance of Joint Programmes, includes the application of the conditions, the QA standards for inter-university programmes regarding both ex ante and ex post accreditation procedures and aspects to be taken into account in the accreditation procedures.

The following table shows the level of compliance between AQU Catalunya's review and quality assurance procedures and the European Approach protocol. The dimensions highlighted in red are specific to the context in Catalonia.

European Approach AQU ex ante Accreditation AQU ex post Accreditation
1 Eligibility 1 Program description
2 Justification
2 Learning Outcomes 3 Knowledge, skills and competences 1 Quality of the study programme
6 Quality of programme learning outcomes
4 Admission and Recognition
6 Student Support
 4 Student admission and selection  1 Quality of the study programme
2 Learning Outcomes
3 Study Programme
5 Learning, Teaching and Assessment
 5 Study Programme 1 Quality of the study programme
7.1 Resources: staff 6 Academic Staff 4 Suitability of teaching staff for the study programme
6 Student support
7.2 Resources: facilities
7 Material resources and services  5 Effectiveness of learning support systems
8 Expected results
9 Quality assurance 9 Quality assurance system  3 Efficacy of the programme's internal quality assurance system
8 Transparency and Documentation  2 Relevance of the public information
2 Learning Outcomes
5 Learning, Teaching and Assessment
 6 Quality of programme learning outcomes

PDF Conditions for the recognition by AQU Catalunya of joint programmes accreditations using the European Approach framework