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Launching of the ISLAH project

On March 13 it took place in Venice the kick-off meeting of the ISLAH (Instruments at Support of Labor Market and Higher Education) project. Coordinated by AlmaLaurea, is an international project for the establishment of a database containing the graduates' CV's. The project, to be implemented in Morocco and Tunisia, aims to:

  • support the ongoing reform process in both countries concerning higher education (three cycles-degrees system) and university governance, 
  • by implementing a comprehensive system for enhancing the linkages between higher education institutions, economy and society overcoming fragmentation.

AQU Catalunya is a member of the consortium in charge of developing the project. AQU will transfer knowledge and best practice in the promotion and assurance of QA in higher education system to local research units and will support the background analysis of the tools and activities carried out in Morocco and Tunisia for the identifying of synergies and avoid duplication. It will also work on report preparation and in particular on the 2 Graduates Job condition Survey.

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  • EQAR
  • ISO

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