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AQU Catalunya to verify new undergraduate degrees in Catalan universities from 2010 onwards

The forthcoming signing of a partnership and mutual recognition agreement between the Catalan QA agency and ANECA will allow for the setting up of a framework of cooperation in which AQU will carry out the verification of Bachelor and Master’s degrees.

Without contravening the amendment of Royal Decree 1393/2007, concerning the regulation of recognised university degree programmes and the recognition of ANECA as the sole authority with jurisdiction to verify such programmes, AQU Catalunya is to develop a plan for the verification of undergraduate degree programmes given in Catalan universities from the 2010-2011 academic year onwards.

Consistent with the process applied in the rest of Spain, the methodology used for verification will also include additional quality criteria adopted at the general meeting of the Inter-university Council of Catalonia in November 2007, which will ensure that graduates have a solid grounding in a third language, placement/work experience, and that they have acquired general competences.

AQU will be the exclusive verification body for new Bachelor degree programmes given in Catalan universities, although degrees from other regions of Spain (Autonomous Communities) will not evaluated by the Agency.

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