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The EUC Estudis web portal now includes doctoral degrees and the quality labels for institutional accreditation


The EUC estudis (Estudis universitaris de Catalunya) web portal now includes doctoral/PhD degrees from all the universities in Catalonia. The search engine now offers students and families the complete catalogue of recognised degrees programmes currently running in Catalonia.

From now onwards, the search engine will also include the quality labels for institutional accreditation. The award of institutional accreditation grants accreditation for all recognised degrees delivered in a faculty/school for a renewable period of five years; in addition, when a faculty/school obtains its first institutional accreditation, programmes that have already been accredited maintain their accreditation or accreditation with excellence, together with that of any additional dimensions and/or standards, which are given in the programme's record.

With these new developments, the EUC Estudis web portal consolidates the information and makes available requisite quality indicators to help both prospective and current students in the process of selecting an undergraduate, master's or doctoral degree.