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Higher education in Catalonia reflects on the role of the universities in times of crisis

Around one hundred people took part in the workshop on THE SOCIAL IMPACT OF THE UNIVERSITIES IN TIMES OF CRISIS, which was organised by AQU Catalunya on 12 December. The objective of the workshop was to show the fundamental role played by the universities in the growth strategy for Catalonia (Europe 2020) through the presentation of two of the latest publications on this matter:

According to Professor Francisco Pérez, a reform of university governance is necessary in order for higher education institutions to become more responsive to the diverse needs of society, while Professor Lorenzo stated that the learning process is just one of several aspects that needs to be improved in order to better capitalise on the universities.

Among the challenges facing the universities, Dr. Francesc Xavier Grau, rector of the Rovira i Virgili University, singled out the establishing of synergies with private enterprise, their improved effectiveness and efficiency, increasing the impact of research and regaining society's trust.

The Director of AQU Catalunya, Josep Anton Ferré, presented the tools made available by the Agency to the universities for programme monitoring: the graduate destinations (labour market outcomes) survey and the WINDDAT indicators website.

The workshop was brought to a close by the Director-General for Universities, Lluís Jofre, and the AQU president/CEO, Joaquim Prats.

Documentation and papers

PDF Programme

PDF Universidad, universitarios y productividad ("Universities, graduates and productivity in Spain"), Francisco Pérez and Lorenzo Serrano, director of research and and researcher, respectively, at the Valencia Institute for Economic Research (Instituto Valenciano de Investigaciones Económicas)

PDF Reptes i prioritats de la Universitat Espanyola ("Spanish universities - challenges and priorities"), Francesc Xavier Grau, rector of the Rovira i Virgili University and president of the Catalan Association of Public Universities

PDF Indicadors per al seguiment: WINDDAT i enquesta d'inserció laboral ("Monitoring indicators: WINDDAT and the graduate destinations survey"), Josep Anton Ferré Vidal, Director of AQU Catalunya

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