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AQU Catalunya announces a new call for external reviewers of Catalan universities

As a result of the recent changes in recognised curricula in line with adaptation to the European Higher Education Area and the quality assurance process that this implies, AQU Catalunya has decided to announce a new call for external reviewers of Catalan universities. Through this measure, the Agency also intends to broaden and update its database of academic staff who have actively taken part in assessment programmes carried out since 1997.

One further aim is to have academic staff from universities in Catalonia who are available to serve as reviewers nationwide in Spain through the REACU network (Red Española de Agencias de Calidad Universitaria).

Applications from members of academic staff interested in forming part of AQU's evaluation processes are to be sent by way of the Agency's website. The standard curriculum form must be filled out, the conditions accepted, and the application sent to the following e-mail address:

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