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Outcomes of graduate labour market outcomes: graphical reports according to each degree programme

The information on the 4th survey on graduate labour market outcomes available on the AQU website has been updated with the publication of graphical reports according to each degree programme. The reports give the aggregate outcomes for all of the Catalan universities according to degree programme with the employment rate, the time taken by graduates to find their first job, salary, if they job was related to their studies or not, job duties, their assessment of their studies at university, as well as their assessment of the usefulness of their studies in their job. Graphs showing the field in which graduates were working are also given for degrees in Architecture, Fine Arts, Audio-visual Communication, Law, Pharmacy, Nursing, Informatics/Computer Engineering, Mathematics, Medicine, Journalism, Psychology, Chemistry and Veterinary Science.

Enllaç extern Outcomes of the 2011 survey on graduate labour market outcomes

Example: Fine Arts

Belles Arts

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