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The AQU Workshop on Research Assessment in the Humanities and Social Sciences, presented to the Spanish network of university QA agencies (REACU)

Within the context of a meeting of the Spanish network of university quality assurance agencies (REACU), a presentation was made by the Agency's director, Josep Anton Ferré, of the Workshop on research assessment in the Humanities and Social Sciences, which was held at the University of Barcelona (UB) in January, together with the conclusions that were reached in the workshop.

The aim of the presentation, in accordance with the agreement between AQU Catalunya and the participants and universities, was to convey the need to promote a much broader nationwide discussion in Spain to set up a review system that is more in line with the specific characteristics of the Humanities and Social Sciences.

In the same meeting, an analysis was made regarding development of the agreements for the monitoring of EHEA-adapted degrees and student participation in the committees and activities of the QA agencies.

The REACU was set up in 2006 and is composed of the directors of the regional quality assurance agencies for the higher education system in Spain and the national agency, ANECA. The main objectives of the REACU are to promote cooperation and the exchange of experience and to collaborate in the promotion of quality assurance.

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