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AQU Catalunya takes part in the In-forma't campaign

The Agency collaborated for the first time with the Barcelona City Hall (Ajuntament de Barcelona) in the In-forma’t, campaign, which promotes activities to help young people find their academic pathway.

Dani Torrents, project manager at AQU Catalunya, took part in the activity titled Why take a master's degree?, at the Centre Cívic Tomasa Cuevas in Barcelona on 13 February, which included a presentation of the various applications for young people developed by the Agency and available online for obtaining information on degree courses in Catalonia. The most important information made available during the presentation included:

  • The main questions that arise when choosing a master's programme, which include: language, place of delivery, duration, work experience/placement, guidance, etc.
  • The use of the EUC estudis web portal to find out about the quality of recognised programmes of study in Catalonia.
  • How to search for data and figures on the employment outcomes and satisfaction of graduates, in order for prospective students to be informed as much as possible before making a decision.

The two photos below were taken in the course of the activity:

190212_Informat_01 190212_Informat_02