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Follow-up evaluation of the teaching quality assurance manuals in private universities

AQU Catalunya has appointed the committee to follow up the use of teaching quality assurance manuals in private universities in Catalonia —UOC, URL, UVic, UIC, UAO— within the framework of the Docentia programme (as support for the quality assurance of teaching in which each university develops its own evaluation model, which is reviewed and validated externally by a quality assurance agency).

The follow-up evaluation forms part of a five-part process —launching of the programme (2007), production of the manuals (2008), external review of the manuals (2009), follow-up of the manuals (2011-2013) and accreditation of the manuals—  the objectives of which are to:

  • Check the running and application of the evaluation processes set out in each university's teaching quality assurance manual.
  • Reflect on the consequences of the evaluation for the institution. 
  • Verify that the conditions and recommendations stemming from the certification report have been included in the manual.
  • Assess the level of publicity and dissemination of the manual among the university community.

In brief, to improve the way in which the teaching quality assurance manuals are introduced and used.

The panel carrying out the follow-up evaluation of the manuals consists of the following members:

  • Ramon Alemany Leira, chair (UB)
  • Joan Prat Corominas, academic panel member (UdL)
  • Carles Garcia López, student panel member (UPC)
  • Núria Marzo Cabrero, technical adviser (UAB)
  • ENQA
  • EQAR
  • ISO

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