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Presentation of the Guide to the Certification of IQAs Implementation


Juan José Tarí and Pau Negre, both members of the Committee for IQAs Implementation Certification (which comes under the Agency's Institutional and Programme Review Commission/CAIP), led a training session today on the certification of systems for internal quality assurance (IQAs) in the conference room at AQU Catalunya.

The Guide to the certification of IQAs implementation [catalan], which will serve as reference material for faculties and schools in the procedure of IQAs certification, was presented during the session. The guidebook was presented to the members of QA units at universities in Catalonia in charge of the implementation of IQAs in their respective universities.

The objectives set for the meeting were:

  • Faculties must comply with the prerequisites in order to be eligible to apply for the certification of IQAs implementation,
  • Institutions (universities and other HEIs) must have a detailed understanding of the certification procedure, and
  • The sharing of benchmarks with those in charge of reviewing IQAs implementation.

This is one step further towards institutional accreditation, in which the certification of IQAs implementation is an essential requirement.