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AQU Advisory Committee for the new 3+2 programme structure

In accordance with the agreement of the AQU Board of Management on 15 December 2014, an Advisory Committee has been set up to define the Agency's position regarding the issues to be taken into consideration regarding the new structure of university degree courses based on 3+2. The role of the Committee is to issue recommendations for the university system in Catalonia as a whole to act in a coordinated way and deliver a clear message to society.

The committee is made up of:

  • Josep Joan Moreso, president of AQU Catalunya
  • Martí Casadesús, director of AQU Catalunya
  • Maria Lluïsa Hernanz - UAB Humanities
  • Esther Giménez - URL Social Sciences
  • Gemma Rauret - UB Experimental Sciences 
  • Josep E. Baños - UPF Health Sciences
  • Maria Pau Ginebra - UPC Engineering and Architecture