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ENQA Workshop to agencies undergoing an external review

The ENQA Workshop to agencies undergoing an external review took place in Paris, France, on 21-22 January. The event was co-hosted by the Commission des Titres d'Ingenieur (CTI).

The purpose of this workshop, targeted specifically to agencies undergoing a second external review, was to focus on the whole process of external reviews of agencies, from the preparation to the follow-up. Participants were given information and insight into the purpose and objectives of the second round of reviews and the role of reviewers. They shared best practice on the self-evaluation process and discussed the impact of the external review on future planning and development of the agency.

AQU Catalunya presented its own experience of external review.

PDF How did we do it? The case of AQU Catalunya, Josep Grifoll, head of Quality Assessment Department and ENQA Board

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ENQA Workshop, Paris

Workshop on external review of quality assurance agencies.

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