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Inclusion of the assessment of teaching staff at private universities into the assessment processes of contracted teaching staff

Following the agreement by the Board of Management, the private universities in Catalonia and AQU Catalunya reached the agreement that teaching staff assessment in these HE institutions will be included, under the same terms, in processes involving the issuance of pre-selection reports for tenure-track staff, research accreditation and advanced research accreditation.

In order to comply with the requirements regarding the external review of teaching staff at private universities according to current regulations (at least 50% of the total must be in possession of a PhD, and at least 60% must be positively assessed by AQU Catalunya), those concerned will need to apply to the call for applications for the various posts of contracted teaching staff and receive a positive assessment. The validity of assessments carried out in accordance with the previous methodology between 2003 and 2007 shall be the same as those made after 2008.

Finally, people who have received a favourable pre-selection report for recruitment to contracted teaching staff posts in previous calls for applications now meet the requirements regarding positive external review for teaching and research staff at private universities.

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