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Recognition by ANECA of teaching staff-teaching competence assessments carried out by AQU Catalunya between 2003-2007

The ANECA ACADEMIA programme, which deals with the national accreditation of university teaching staff with civil servant status, envisages the evaluation of teaching quality (section 2.B.1) and establishes that, in order to obtain the highest rating, such evaluations shall be carried out "in accordance with benchmark models and methodologies."

Bearing in mind that AQU-certified mechanisms for assessing the teaching competence of teaching staff have been available to the universities in Catalonia since 2003, the Agency, at the request of the vice-rectors for teaching staff, requested ANECA to recognise the results of teaching assessments carried out in the public universities in Catalonia according to certified models during the 2003-2007 period.

As a result, ANECA gave appropriate instructions to the chairpersons of the ACADEMIA programme review panels for them to recognise the handbooks for the assessment of the teaching competence of teaching staff at public universities in Catalonia certified by AQU Catalunya in 2003 as being "in accordance with benchmark models and methodologies."

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