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Meeting of the Quality Committee of vice rectors at universities in Catalonia


In the picture, the vice-rectors committee meeting

A meeting of the Quality Committee of vice rectors at universities in Catalonia was held yesterday at AQU Catalunya.

The session was chaired by Martí Casadesús, the Agency's director and committee chairman.

The agenda of the session included various presentations, including the director's report, modifications to the VSMA Framework guidebooks, the list of programmes to undergo accreditation in 2020, which will be endorsed at the next meeting of the Agency's Governing Board, and discussion of the guidelines for institutional reaccreditation.

A proposed methodology was presented to the meeting with the informative, evaluation and additional aspects of institutional reaccreditation.

The informative aspects consist of the context and background of the faculty/school and its previous QA results and outcomes.

The informative aspects(the dimensions and standards reviewed and evaluated in the process of institutional accreditation renewal) are as follows:

  1. The policy of the faculty/school
  2. The teaching staff
  3. Support staff (administration and services)
  4. The students
  5. Course organisation and delivery
  6. Delivery methods in teaching
  7. Outcomes
  8. Risk indicators

Additional aspects of quality assurance for institutional accreditation include the inclusion of the point of view of the two fundamental stakeholders in the teaching and learning process, namely, the teaching staff and students. The purpose of this is to promote more active participation by these groups in the faculty/school's quality enhancement procedures.