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AQU Catalunya selected for the QAHECA project

The Catalan Agency and 29 other European HE institutions are participating in the project, Quality Assurance for the Higher Education Change Agenda (QAHECA), the aim of which is to explore institutional quality processes for teaching and learning, at both the internal and external level, and to support creative and innovative higher education institutions and limit the potentially problematic effects arising from these processes. The purpose of the QAHECA project is for operational recommendations to be developed for a quality learning methodology that provides sufficient room for both originality and compliance with the requirements for institutional steering mechanisms and external accountability.

The overall project will last for two years. Representatives from institutions and agencies will participate in a series of three seminars. The first two seminars will deal with developing a draft quality methodology through a variety of activities (review of case studies, analysis of the strengths and drawbacks of existing quality mechanisms etc.). After the second seminar, each HEI and agency will review and test the draft methodology within its own context and design an implementation plan. The third seminar will be on jointly analysing the participants' initial experience with the draft methodology and their plans for implementation, in addition to formulating recommendations on the project report.

The project is coordinated by the European University Association (EUA), ACQUIN (Germany), the English Higher Education Academy (HEA) and Maynooth, the National University of Ireland.

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