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Setting of the profile for the members of the AUDIT programme review committees

The profiles and criteria for members of the committees reviewing the design of internal quality assurance systems (IQAS) have been set. The number of committees will depend on the estimated number of IQAS to be reviewed in prospective calls between February and June 2008, with each committee being made up of five members, including academic and non-academic experts, and AQU staff.

Document PDF PROGRAM AUDIT. Constitution of the evaluation committees [ca]

In accordance with the requirements in the aforementioned document, a data base of reviewers has been set up by the three agencies promoting the AUDIT programme (ANECA, ACSUG and AQU), from which each agency will select and appoint its corresponding members.

For the purpose of updating the data on the review committees and the procedure for submitting documentation, a revised version of the Guide of evaluation of the design of internal quality assurance systems in higher education [cast] has been produced.

The deadline for IQAS design proposal applications in the first call in 2008 is 15th February.

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