Agència per a la Qualitat del Sistema Universitari de Catalunya

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Guide to the AQU logo

The AQU Catalunya logo

Logo AQU Catalunya

  • The symbol consists of a rectangle with the letters AQU. Pantone 376 is the colour used for the rectangle, white for the A and pantone 548 for the letters QU.
  • The logo is the Agency's full name. It is typeset using Helvetica and pantone colour 548. The logo wording is aligned with the base of the rectangle.

Criteria to be followed

The visual elements of the Agency's brand (symbol + logo) are situated on the upper left side of the page, thereby offsetting the logo.

  • Both the symbol and logo must always be used together.
  • The AQU logo must appear in colour, whenever possible, and in positive, with use made of pantones 376 and 548 on a white background.

The AQU Planning and Communication section is responsible for ensuring the brand is applied correctly and for finding graphic solutions to particular situations.

For any clarification on the use of the Agency's institutional brand, or if you require a version in a different format, please contact us at:  or telephone (0034) 93 268 89 50.

Downloading image files

The main version of the AQU Catalunya brand is given below in different formats (right-side mouse click to save the file):

  • Print-out version (high resolution): .jpg; Illustrator; .svg
  • Screen display version (low resolution): .jpg