Agència per a la Qualitat del Sistema Universitari de Catalunya

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Code of ethics

Codi ètic

AQU Catalunya's Code of Ethics defines the values, principles and rules that govern the conduct and behaviour of members of the Agency, the relationship between the organisation and the external environment, strategic management and general interpersonal rules of conduct. It is intended as a guideline so that members of AQU Catalunya act consciously in their work and willingly respect established rules and norms, as a guarantee for the reputation of the organisation and as an incentive for relationships of trust and mutual respect.

AQU Catalunya's approach to quality assurance at European level is also evident in the wording of the Code of Ethics, with the main point of reference being the values, principles and standards upheld by leading international agencies and higher education institutions, while always taking into account the experience and specific nature of its own activities as a QA agency.

Compliance with the Code of Ethics guarantees and assures the robustness and prestige of the contributions made by AQU Catalunya in the sphere of quality, as well as the continuous improvement and enhancement of the Agency's work and functions, while having a positive social impact.

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