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DESIGN programme

The purpose of the DESIGN programme, which was carried out during the period 2004-2006, was the development of guidebooks for faculties and departments to design new study plans, in line with the framework established for a European dimension for higher education (EHEA). The guidebooks incorporated specific criteria based on three general frameworks (the design of study plans, learning assessment and European integration), along with compliance with the prevailing legislative framework. The handbooks took into account the analysis of three major dimensions:

  • The design process of the study programme, in which an assessment is made of the methods employed in the creation of the teaching programme and the formal procedures for official approval.
  • The definition of the study plan, where the following are considered: the profile of the teaching programme, the general goals of the centre in relation to the study plan, the structure itself of the syllabus, student performance assessment methods and the situation of new students.
  • And finally, it assesses the personal and material resources required to put into practice the study programme, from teaching staff to administration (PAS) to the organisation and coordination of the course, and including back-up services, installations and information systems.

In the preparation of these handbooks the programme used the following as reference points: the legislative framework, the general guidelines of AQU Catalunya (European, design and assessment), international quality standards, the definition of the basic competences of graduates, the assessment of these competences and the quality assurance mechanisms.