Agència per a la Qualitat del Sistema Universitari de Catalunya

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Five studies on the higher education system in Catalonia were carried out by groups at different universities in Catalonia, with the focus on specific topics of interest, including the student drop-out rate, the quality of higher education as perceived by the students, access to university from vocational training and student performance in the first year of studies at university.

The research studies, carried out by university academic staff, formed part of AQU Catalunya's intention to obtain a better understanding of higher education in Catalonia and to provide precise figures on specific university contexts. As such, they will be useful for understanding certain aspects of particular interest, including the social implications that impact the higher education system.

The research studies were the result of a call made in 2007 by the Agency to fund projects aimed at obtaining a better understanding and diagnosis of the higher education system in Catalonia.


Studies on academic performance
Studies on student drop-out
Studies on the quality of higher education from the perspective of students