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Title: El rendiment acadèmic dels estudiants de primer any a la universitat

Author: Ferran Mañé Vernet, Daniel Miravet Arnau

Publisher: AQU Catalunya

Year: 2010

Collection AQU Catalunya: Studies of University System

Extension: 65 pàg.

Language: Català

Normalized number: ISBN: 978-84-693-0528-7


Access to study at university and, in particular, the analysis of the first year spent at university are a subject of special interest that, at the international level, have been analysed from numerous different perspectives. To what degree does the social and family context and the quality of a student’s entrance qualifications affect his/her academic outcomes during their first year at university? Are there any differences in the academic performance of students at different universities? Is the fundamental factor for explaining differences in academic outcomes the type of studies? This study seeks to provide answers to all of these questions.

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