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Title: Un model d'anàlisi de la qualitat de l'ensenyament des de la perspectiva dels estudiants a titulacions de quatre universitats catalanes (UAB, UB, UPC, URV)

Author: Joan Rué Domingo

Publisher: AQU Catalunya

Year: 2010

Collection AQU Catalunya: Studies of University System

Extension: 101 pàg.

Language: Català

Normalized number: B-27.207-2009


In this study, Dr. Joan Rué shows the results of research carried out to identify the most effective teaching strategies from the point of view of their effect on the students. With the results of their analysis, the intention of Rué and his research team is to create a tool for analysing both teaching and learning situations. In both cases, the results of the study can also be used as guidance towards the significant quality enhancement of teaching in the sphere of higher education.

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