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Title: FLLLEX project Results and Recommendations. Towards an institutional strategy for Lifelong Learning in Higher Professional Education

Author: Audrey Frith, Margriet de Jong, Klaas Vansteenhuyse, Dugald Craig, Josep Grifoll Saurí, Sigrid Nindl, Ann Stokes, Richard Thorn, Iva Voldanova

Year: 2012

Extension: 36 pàg.

Language: English


The FLLLEX project intends to support the HEIs in setting out the lines for an institutional strategy for Lifelong Learning. A starting point for such a strategy is to assess the role of professional higher education within the broader landscape determined by the national policies and as perceived by the stakeholders: lifelong learners, employers and other Lifelong Learning providers. To this end a survey of key stakeholders was conducted: Learners, businesses, and Lifelong Learning providers were asked about their expectations, motives and/or barriers to engage in Lifelong Learning. A website ( was developed in order to provide learners and institutions alike all the research material that was produced.

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