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  • The Catalan universities presented with the methodology for the accreditation of recognised degrees30.04.2013
    The purpose of the sessions, which are aimed at vice-rectors, deans, heads of university schools and colleges, heads of department, programme managers and the heads and members of university quality units, is to present and discuss the contents of the guide and get feedback from those involved in the actual accreditation of recognised Bachelor and Master's degree programmes.
  • Start of the monitoring of recognised programmes, 201322.04.2013
    Universities must send their list of degree programmes that will be included in the process to the Agency prior to May 10. Monitoring reports for these programmes must be submitted between 7 - 28 June. Full university monitoring reports must also be submitted between these same dates.
  • Extension of the deadline for applications for the accreditation of research and advanced research to 10 May19.04.2013
    AQU Catalunya was decided to extend the submission deadline for obtaining the abovementioned types of accreditation in order for candidates without accreditation who are applying to the Serra Húnter Plan to apply for accreditation within the context of this call for applications.
  • The universities discuss the impact of teaching assessment handbooks17.04.2013
    Around sixty participants, including vice-rectors, academic managers and students from Catalan universities participated in the workshop, "Reaccreditation of the teaching assessment handbooks used by public universities in Catalonia", organised by AQU Catalunya on 16 April.
  • INQAAHE: 2013 Biennial Conference16.04.2013
    The head of AQU's Quality Assurance Department and membre of the ENQA Board, Josep Grifoll, attended the round table of the subtheme 3, Impact of QA and the effects of external and internal QA: regional perspectives to a shared issue.
  • Results of the second call made in 2012 for the accreditation of research and advanced research15.04.2013
    68% of the applications for research accreditation were favourable and 51% in the case of advanced research accreditation.
  • AQU Catalunya in the Annual Conference of the Forum on Education Abroad12.04.2013
    AQU Catalunya has participated in the Ninth Annual Conference of the Forum on Education Abroad Moving Beyond It Was Great: Student Learning and Development in Education Abroad, held in Chicago April 3-5, 2013.
  • Seminar on Quality Assurance in Minsk 02.04.2013
    The seminar gathered more than 50 participants representing the Belarusian Ministry of Education, the National Institute for Higher Education, the National School on Higher Education, as well as representatives of different Belarusian universities from Minsk and the regions, members of students' initiatives and of NGOs working in the area of higher education.
  • Results of the second call of 2012 for the issue of the reports of tenure-track lecturer and collaborating lecturer28.03.2013
    It opened from 12 to 28 september.
  • Launching of the ISLAH project27.03.2013
    AQU will transfer knowledge and best practice in the promotion and assurance of QA in higher education system to local research units and will support the background analysis of the tools and activities carried out in Morocco and Tunisia for the identifying of synergies and avoid duplication.
  • ESG revision26.03.2013
    The objectives are to increase its transparency and to promote a broader participation as well as to take into account any input since the early stages of the process.
  • Public consultation on accreditation methodology25.03.2013
    The document that goes under public consultation has been presented to the universities and includes all aspects and elements that should be taken into account when accrediting programmes and awards that have completed the period of planned development in the regulatory framework.
  • International call for applications by the Serra Húnter Programme for the recruitment of faculty staff at universities in Catalonia20.03.2013
    A call for applications was made on 4 March by the Secretariat for Universities and Research and the public universities for places on the Serra Húnter Programme, which plans to recruit more than five hundred new faculty staff members for posts at Catalan universities during the period 2013-2020, and who will be selected according to international criteria for excellence.
  • The economic management of AQU Catalunya recognised by the EAPC14.03.2013
    AQU Catalunya was given an honourable mention at the first EAPC's Alfons Ortuño Awards ceremony for budget management, evaluation and transparency.
  • The CSIC's ranking of publishers of scientific publications in the Humanities and Social Sciences13.03.2013
    The CSIC/Spanish Council for Scientific Research's has drawn up a ranking of publishers of scientific publications, the SPI (Scholarly Publishers Indicators), based on the opinions of Spanish experts in the Humanities and Social Sciences.
  • Meeting of the AQU's Student Commission07.03.2013
    The first meeting in 2013 of AQU's Student Commission was held on 5 March. The work of the Student Commission, which is an advisory body, is to expand and make systematic student participation in the Agency's review activities and projects that have a direct impact on the student body.
  • AHELO's results06.03.2013
    The purpose of the feasibility study is to see whether it is practically and scientifically feasible to assess what students in higher education know and can do upon graduation within and across these diverse contexts. The feasibility study should demonstrate what is feasible and what could be feasible, what has worked well and what has not, as well as provide lessons and stimulate reflection on how learning outcomes might be most effectively measured in the future.
  • Summary of teaching assessment in Catalan universities01.03.2013
    Following its overall appraisal of teaching assessment in Catalan universities (2002-2012), AQU Catalunya presented the next moves in this field in the first DOCENTIA workshop on Good Practices organised by ANECA on 26 February.

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